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Football, Tennis, the Internet & God December 27, 2006

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At the gym this morning, I was watching Sports Center. There was a segment about Lawrence Jackson, a defensive end at USC. He hadn’t had any sacks all year and was really bummed about it. His coach, Pete Carroll, then recommended to him the book “The Inner Game of Tennis,” which is about how you have to release all anxiety, self-criticism & negativity in order for you to play tennis at your best. The day after reading the book, Jackson had 3 sacks against Oregon.

It was a timely Sports Center segment for me. Yesterday I met with a friend of mine who I used to work with. He gave me some candid, well-intentioned, but, in his characteristic , critical advice on my (Internet) business. It had me down a bit and anxious.

Sports Center of all things helped me remember that negative energy never helps you get anything done. It is a lesson that my church is always telling me, but sometimes messages only reach you in mysterious ways.

Thinking more postively about what he had to say, I now really see its merits and am going to enthusiastically construct a plan to persue his recommendations. And with optimstic thoughts behind me, I think I’ll be successful in making it happen. And will maybe have a few sacks in the process. 😉
And one of these days I’ll make positive thinking such a habit I won’t have to go through this process. But in the meantime, thank you Sports Center, Lawrence Jackson, Pete Carroll, W. Timothy Gallwey (the author) & my friend.