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McPassport September 25, 2006

Filed under: Community,Economy,europe,globalization — tobymurdock @ 2:37 pm

Business Week had a short blurb about McDonald’s McPassport program. The program helps workers get a passport so that they can go work at a McDonalds in another country. McDonalds needs this because in some markets it is short workers.

What’s interesting to me here is how tied Europeans are to where they live. Despite all of Europe’s unemployment problems and the easy mobility the EU provides, only 1.5% of europeans live and work outside their own countries. Compare that to the US, which, though about the same size as the EU, has citizens zooming all over the country for the sake of their careers.

In Europe, it seems, particularly where towns provide much more sense of place than the soulless sprawl which makes up so much of the US, citizens are much less willing to give up their connection to where they live for the sake of their career.