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Funky India – Jazz Fusion July 16, 2007

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On Saturday I went and saw Satabdi Express at my church as part of its Second Saturday concert series that my friends Butch and Ed organize.

Every band says that they are a “unique fusion of blah, blah and blah.” But these guys are truly a unique fusion.

First, they are dead-serious jazz artists. Great stand-up bass guy. And then the kind of serious, precise drummer who uses the brush drumsticks and gets his head really close to  the cymbals as he taps on them ever so slightly.

But then the guitarist, Dave, plays a hybrid western guitar-Indian sitar. It has 19 strings. You can see it above. And he plays it with a bottleneck slide.

The result is fantastic. After a long day in the sun at the lake with the fam, this concert was a far-out, meditative experience. I bought the CD and continue to jam to it. You can jam to it here yourself:


4 Responses to “Funky India – Jazz Fusion”

  1. Very awesome music. Let us know if he/they come back!!

  2. karlitox Says:

    that guy look like elvis, and he is the king on the sitar, fusion rulezzzzzzzzzz

  3. Frederick M Says:

    Very Interesting. I love the sound. Very unique.

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