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Let’s Choose The Courageous Guy July 11, 2007

Filed under: education,obama,politics — tobymurdock @ 4:29 pm

Article in the Post today about Obama and the National Education Association (the teacher’s lobby).  The NEA is having their convention, and all of the presidential candidates are filing through, and they’re all telling the attendees, of course, just what they want to hear.

Except Obama. He’s supporting merit pay for teachers. And all of the union members are denouncing him for it.

Our politics are paralyzed. No big ideas are realized. Not even desperately needed changes occur. Instead, cowardly politicians who pander to fears instead of inspiring hopes wrestle for points in opinion polls. And nothing happens.

Merit pay is a great idea. I’m all for it. But the point is that I’m all for the candidate who will be courageous, advocate what is really needed instead of what is popular. Next year, let’s be sure to choose the courageous guy.


3 Responses to “Let’s Choose The Courageous Guy”

  1. hear hear! We just need someone who really tells us what he/she thinks and what he/she will actually do in office!

  2. tobymurdock Says:

    i totally agree. and i agree with him completely on a merit pay system for our public school system as well.

  3. George Pappas Says:

    Toby. George. Tried leaving you a message on Facebook and saw your dad Thursday night at Petes. Email me when you get a chance. As for merit pay you are wrong. I taught public school for the last 8 years. Merit pay is not an answer to the issue of public schooling. 90% of the teachers you meet are highly dedicated. Probably a much higher rate than most industries. What is wrong with public school is the assumption that learning can be measured the way it is now being done with the yearly tests. NCLB is the classic example. It is unbelievable the pressure that goes into passing that test and what gets left out as a result. Education is not a competitive model. It is a public good. It is about relationships with students and teachers. Think about your educational experience. You can’t regulate it like a business industry or use the business model which is what merit pay is about. Hope all is well.

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