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Welcome Noelle July 10, 2007

Filed under: Children,family — tobymurdock @ 11:03 am

I haven’t yet written about the biggest news in my life of late: the birth of our daugher Noelle on June 22.

Her arrival was a long road with some crazy twists at the end, especially for my anesthesia-foreswearing wife.

But she is here and well loved by her family, especially her big sisters, as shown above. In fact, we have huge surpluses of love in our family and it will never be in short supply for her. Especially as she remains a little doll that actually moves, squeaks, and is alive!


2 Responses to “Welcome Noelle”

  1. mlampton2 Says:

    Congratulations! Noelle looks awesome. I hope she is doing well in her second month. I just checked your blog and got this great picture. I will give you a call soon.
    You would love this crazy church I joined down here. This guy is so fun and down with Communitas.

  2. mlampton2 Says:

    Also, love the books you are reading. I have also read all your fictional top 10. I just finished the gut wrencher 1000 splendid suns. Ay poor Laila. You need A River Runs East, Leonard Clark. AWESOME!

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