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Bad News Tuesday June 19, 2007

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Some bummers today in the Washington Post.

First, all of the moron energy convened in Fairfax County yesterday as they decided definitively to have the Metro line in Tyson’s Corner to run above ground.  To the defense of the Fairfax Board of Supervisors, I think they would have all preferred a tunnel, but complexities regarding federal-state-local government dynamics (oh, how we need devolution!) prevented it. The end result is that hideous, pedestrian-repellent, ugly, post-modern, unlivable abomination that is Tyson’s today will remain . . . a hideous, pedestrian-repellent, ugly, post-modern, unlivable abomination. It is obvious: the contrasting results of the Orange line in Arlington County (below ground) and Fairfax County (above) is a famous case study.

Anyhow, there is another article in the Post about how the current generation of kids spends so much time indoors that they have no connection with Nature.  Oh Jesus. What could be worse. There’s much one could say here about the need for conservation, open space. That’s the obvious part.

But the more subtle and interesting part is on the parenting side. First is the need to have kids’ lives not so scheduled so that they have the time to experience Nature in an unstructured, spontaneous way (how pathetic to even have to describe it that way). More challenging is the need to have the courage to allow kids to roam about–the neighborhood and in Nature–in an unsupervised way. This takes faith in your kids, instruction, and the development of neighborhoods where everyone is keeping an eye on everyone’s kids: something that is becoming a relic (oh, how we need co-housing!). But it is the only way that kids can get out of their programmed, indoor existence and have a relationship with Nature: remembering that “Nature” is not some other category of life, but rather that it IS life, it is everything we come from, live on, and return to.


Photo on Flickr from zuki12


3 Responses to “Bad News Tuesday”

  1. Bummer about the above ground rail line. A tunnel would have been cheaper too, wouldn’t it?

    So sad about the loss of connection with nature for kids–so many basically have no connection. We do need safer communities. It’s awful to feel like you can’t have your child out of your sight even for a minute–when i was 5 years old I used to roam around the neighborhood with my friends…..

  2. kita Says:

    i agree that it is a problem with kids being indoors too much. though at least we can be confident that evie has a great love of nature as 90% of her conversation is about bugs, birds or underwater animals! and i’ll admit this issue does make co-housing look more appealing. plus the house in the mountains, which i am warming up to quickly.

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