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Christine Belonging January 11, 2007

Filed under: Community,frederick,Friends — tobymurdock @ 4:19 pm

My friend Christine just wrote a post about belonging in life and how she’s found that in Frederick. It was very well written. A great articulation of what’s been a big issue in my mind and soul for a long time. And similarly Kita and I have found a great sense of community and of belonging in Frederick just like Christine and Jim.

Needing to belong, needing to having community is a universal impulse, I believe. In fact is is really the most important thing in life in my mind and heart. In our country we are, without really realizing it, eroding our ability to achieve such community. It is horrible. In Frederick we have a little outpost, a little bulkwark against the trend. Hopefully from here we’ll take a stand and reverse the tide.

Christine ends by talking about looking to bring other friends into her Frederick community. I’m always hassling my remote friends on the same topic. Hopefully by reading Christine’s post they’ll see that others echo my claim’s of Frederick’s wonderfulness and my pitches will have more credibility.

Photo of Frederick’s ’06 “In The Street” by 2ndHalf on Flickr


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