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mason & ruralism November 20, 2006

Filed under: Environment,Friends — tobymurdock @ 8:49 pm


all right! way to post!

i like what you have to say here. i do think that we are indeed to distanced from nature and need to get closer to it.

then the specific issue you mention on fox hunting in england? to me, that is a rather small point in the big issue of man and nature. as long as foxes aren’t endangered, i have no problem with fox hunting, especially since it is done with dogs instead of guns.

i think the bigger issue there is probably the people of england giving a big “fuck you” to the lingering artistocratic class, no?

anyhow, i like the post. let’s keep the nature stuff going!


One Response to “mason & ruralism”

  1. mlampton2 Says:

    You commie, homo, fuckface. Ha ha. England is the test tube of ultra liberal vs rural policy. The foxhunting issue turned from an aristocratic class bullshit deal into a major battle on the welfare of foxes. Huge studies were done about the stress hormones at time of death from dogs eating them to when they were shot. Obviously, it is probably worse to be chased and eaten than being shot by a sniper. Stress in a fox cannot be humanized. Many hunters believe that foxes enjoy being chased. They claim that foxes will be in the same place repeatedly and follow a predictable route. In one kennel I know the foxes piss on the kennel and in dog bowls left outside. My point is that England shifted to a complete animal welfare issue. I do not agree with the logic that was used to ban foxhunting. Foxhunting brought people into the natural community and the benefit was greater than the stress put on foxes.

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